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Jeb Bush has suffered the apathy of television and sound bytes. He's suffered the ridicule of long form. Now, he bit off an over-sized bite of internet infamy with the mocked hashtag #jebcanfixit. Now, can the Republican primary candidate fix his campaign and the most recent frenzy on Twitter? REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Jeb Bush can fix it. The first time I heard the presidential candidate’s slogan get mocked was by NPR’s Josh Rodgers who asked over the weekend if “Jeb Can Fix It” might apply to his belabored campaign. Despite name recognition, two terms as Florida’s governor and and an overflowing trough of contributions, Bush has tanked in the polls. His gaffs have been overflowing as well, flubbing on questions about anchor babies, his brother’s handling of the Iraq war, and other issues. On Monday, Jeb 2.0 met Web 2.0 and phrase “Jeb Can Fix It” took over Twitter.

No, it wasn’t popular rallying cry in support of the policy savvy, but a force-multiplier for the ridicule he’s already suffered. Jeb might offer some policy fixes in his platform, but he can’t seem to solve the ongoing crisis of a 21st century media environment. Here is a sample from today’s Twitter corincipia.

Serious Attacks On Jeb Bush’s Policy Stances

1) This tweet used another hashtag “stuff happens” to mock Jeb’s response to the Oregon shootings earlier this year.

2) More criticism of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Laws, which analysts say were a significant factor in

Toilet Roll On The Wrong Way

3) ... and slightly less serious attacks.

4) Jeb’s wife Columba Bush can’t reach the masa seca . (She’s short, he’s 6’3”). Kinda racist?

As Seen On TV

5) Jeb admits he’s not great at TV, but could he be a star?

6) And can Jeb fix just about anything?

7) What about observer’s predictions that his campaign is toast?

Alleged Election “Fixing”

8) Jeb Bush got blamed for helping his brother George W. Bush win the disputed 2000 election. Jeb was then Gov. of Florida, a state whose electoral incompetence (remember “hanging chads”?) gave the country chaos, if not the the first term of the elder Bush brother.

9) Here are those “chads.”

10) Just in case you wanted to listen to that NPR article mentioned at the top, just press “play.”

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