A couple of months ago, Don Pedro Rivera revealed that things seemed a little odd with Jenni Rivera days before her death during an interview with AztecaUS. He also told the network that the Rivera family was planning on reopening the case to investigate seven different institutions that were believed to be linked to “La Diva de la Banda’s” death.

The DEA recently conducted an investigation on Christian Eduardo Esquino Núñez, owner of the plane in which Jenni was travelling on the day of her death, after finding a 1999 report that connected Esquino to drug trafficking. During this investigation, they came across with “Jennifer,” who is currently in the witness protection program, and has revealed details about the relationship between Jenni Rivera and Drug Lord Edgar Valdez Villareal “La Barbie.”

According to “Jennifer,” the Banda singer was one of “La Barbie’s” favorite shows and he would hire her to sing at his house parties. The witness mentioned that during one of these events, Jenni and Valdez Villareal had an argument that caused Rivera to leave the party, but not without threatening the host on her way out.

This is not the first time that Jenni’s death has been associated with drug dealers. Rumors started sparking up right after her death, when sources reported that other singers were receiving threats before performing at the Arena Monterrey in Nuevo León, México. Allegedly, Rivera received 3 warnings on the day of her concert in Monterrey, one before she arrived to the city, a second one hours before she went on stage, and a third one while the show was happening.

Other performers have been victims of these threats, including Juan Gabriel, who opted to cancel his performances at the venue. Sources following the investigation have reported that the person responsible of this has been identified as “La Barbie’s” right hand. His name not yet been revealed, but the investigation continues as the Rivera family continues to focus on proving that “La Diva de la Banda’s” death might not have been an accident after all.