One year ago on Dec. 9, 2012 Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera and six others were killed when their small aircraft crashed into a mountain in Northern Mexico. Following an investigation into the crash by the Mexican Aviation Investigation Agency, blame for the crash has been placed on the ages of the pilot and the plane itself. Last week, the Agency released the results of their investigation saying the 78-year-old pilot was too old to be given a license by the authorities. The report also said that co-pilot Alessandro Torres was not licensed to fly outside the United States.

The 43-year-old plane is reported to have been shaking and flying unevenly when it reached cruising speed. The plane's owner is also being held responsible. According to Mexico's General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics the plane's owning company, Starwood Management was negligent in their failure to report the aircraft was having operational problems before last year's fatal accident. The crash killed Rivera, the pilot and co-pilot as well as Rivera's lawyer, publicist, hairdresser and makeup artist. Starwood Management not only owned the plane that Rivera died in but they were also the singer's entertainment company.

The Mexican Aviation Investigation Agency have stated that their report marks the conclusion of their investigation into plane crash. While the report offered a possibility as to where blame for the crash may lay they did not announce a definitive cause for the accident. The report ruled out bad weather as a cause but did say it was possible the plane suddenly lost control as it was ascending as a result of the operational problems it was having.  At the age of 43 Jenni Rivera was an established music icon. Known as "La Diva de la Banda" the singer has left an army of fans who still mourn her loss.