Jenni Rivera performs during the 2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards in Coral Gables, Florida. Reuters

“Jenni Vive 2015,” Jenni Rivera’s tribute festival, is just a couple of weeks away, and just when you thought the Rivera Family was done with all the drama surrounding “La Diva de la Banda’s” death…you find out there’s more!

Jenni’s youngest son, Juan Ángel López, shared a recent experience involving his mother’s spirit on his Instagram account. Johnny posted a long message in which he describes the event, and says his mother came to him and delivered messages for each one of his siblings. He also confessed that this was not the first time that this happened to him.

Here is the description of the supernatural event in Juan Ángel´s words:

“Last night, a supernatural thing happened at my house... I won't go into details, but my Mother's spirit came to me... If any of you have read my testimony, the way I came to believe in God again was through a conversation I had with my father's spirit. (If you haven't read it, please go read it. I posted it 10 weeks ago) The communication with my Mother's spirit is the same way with the communication I had with my Father's spirit... My Dad has held onto us for such a long time... He's declared wherever house we are in, his house as well... And my Mom has told me the same thing... Last Night's #HOP as incredible... This is where I felt her... I couldn't hear a thing around me... I blanked out... I could see everything...but I couldn't hear anything... This isn't the first time this has happened to me... The first time was after I had fasted with the MDA Youth Group... God gave me a conversation with her, and she told me that we'd talk again soon. You can call me crazy, don't believe me, I don't give a crap. I know it was her... The first time I couldn't see her... This time I could... I swear, if you guys' could've seen her beauty here...there are no words... She was more beautiful than ever... And she was freaking beautiful when she was here... You guys know that...I never thought she could get more beautiful... I was on my knees worshiping the Lord and crying for another reason, but that can wait for another time. Then she stood right in front of me... Pastor Leo was saying he felt the Holy Spirit moving and that we would get a hug from the Holy Spirit... God gave me her hug instead... She was wearing her beautiful white acoustic dress from Gibson and Monterrey... I think she knows I love that dress so much and that's why she put it on... If anyone of you had met my Mom in person and she gave you her hug, you'd know her hugs were the best... I hadn't felt this hug in 2-and-a-half years... I could smell her too... Forever by Jenni Rivera was made to smell just like she did for her final months... She smelled just like that... Now I know that whenever I wanna smell her again...I just need to spray that perfume across the room.

I still couldn't hear anything.. Only her voice...She told me... "I miss you, baby... I'm so proud of you for coming with your church friends every week... I'm so proud of how dedicated you are to this... You remember me telling you that when I was gonna do the sitcom, I'd sing in Vegas at least once a month? I was gonna bring you to church more often... I know how much losing your Daddy hurt you, and I'm sorry I had to leave you too but God called me to be with him, Papi. But I needed to go so my 5 babies could become stronger... I'm so proud of all that you guys are becoming... The Devil has turned some of my people against my babies, but God is on your guys' side...he'll save those people when the time is right..." "Tell my Chiquis I love and miss her...and that I'm sorry for everything. Tell her that I've heard her album and I'm in love with it... Tell her thank you for all the songs she sang for me and that my favorite song as her fan is Completamente. She's so much like her Momma. Tell her I said thank you for taking care of you and your sister when she didn't need to..."I love you, my princess..." Tell my Jacqie that I love her so much... She's an amazing Momma to her 2 babies... I'm glad she's using everything I taught her while I had the time... Tell her I said, "I know marriage is hard baby, I lived it 3 times... But you're gonna be okay... You're gonna make better choices than I did... I love the little Diva that your Jaylah still is from what I taught her. I know you wonder what I think of Jenavieve sometimes, Mamas. Thank you for her name... That's my favorite part about her... I love her so much... When I visit your house sometimes I spend a lot of my time with her... You've turned into an amazing young woman, princess. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise... If they do, I'll whoop their ass...

My Chantilly Lace, Jenicka. Tell her I'm proud of her for all that she's done these past 2 years... "I know it's hard sometimes, baby...but I had to leave so you guys could learn to be independent like I was at your age... You guys have to have each other's back. I'm happy you and your little brother have gotten along better these past few months... I knew it would happen by itself one day. You're becoming an awesome woman, Shanisse. You're gonna be okay. I love and miss you so much..." Tell your older Brother that I know he's struggling but that I'm gonna help him... I'm gonna guide him and help him. He's such a great daddy to his baby Luna. I'm so proud that despite the fact that his daddy wasn't there, he's become a better parent than I visioned. He's good at discipline too. Tell him I said this. "You have a fragile heart, Papi. You've been through a lot and I'm proud of you for being strong with your siblings. I know it's hard to try and understand why I had to leave, but don't think about too much... I've been feeling you're gonna do something big, Papas. I don't know what it is yet, but I'm excited to see what you're gonna do. You always got me by your side. Whoop some ass, son. I love you.

Get those messages to your siblings, son. And tell my fans I have a message for them too... "Thank you my amazing people. For being loyal to me. Thank you for being loyal by giving the love that you gave me to my kids and to my family. Thank you for continuing to buy my CD's, my products and for supporting everything that my babies have done. We're gonna have a huge concert when we all see each other again, you guys all have VIP tickets... God knows I miss performing to my fans... I love you guys all so much... Thank you for your love and support. You're all a big part of me..." I love you son. Be good. Love your brother and sisters. I can't wait till you join me up there. Thank you for loving my music and listening to it everyday, baby. I'll talk to you again soon..."

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