Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are doing a new show together and it is one of Apple TV’s new series called “The Morning Show.” Ever since the two started working together, there have been lots of rumors that they are not getting along. 

NW Magazine reported that It was reported that jealousy is involved and it was Aniston who has a problem. It was said that the “Friends” star was complaining over “The Morning Show’s” promotional posters because Witherspoon looks prettier while her face appears to be rounder. 

“She hates the photo they used on the poster,” the source told the magazine. “Friends say she’s not happy that Reese looks natural and pretty while her face appears to be rounder, definitely fuller and even rubbery. She absolutely hates it.”

Moreover, it was said that their show on Apple TV just created a big rift between Aniston and Witherspoon as the former thinks the latter always “steals the show.” What’s more, Brad Pitt’s ex is feeling more insecure because the “Legally Blonde” actress already won an Oscar while she, who became famous long before Witherspoon did, has yet to get one. 

“Jen was the bigger star when Witherspoon appeared on ‘Friends’ in 2000 then Reese went on to forge a red-hot film career and won an Oscar,” the insider added. “Jen can’t help but compare and despair.” 

But then again, Gossip Cop went to investigate to see if the reports are true. When the team reached Aniston’s representative, they were told that there is no conflict between Witherspoon and Jen. the stories are not true and in truth, the actresses are good friends. 

It was also pointed out that it just does not make sense that Aniston would be jealous of Witherspoon when they are not just co-stars in the “The Morning Show” but co-producers as well. Jen is one of the most popular and in-demand stars in Hollywood and there is no way she would be envious of others’ accomplishments and position in the entertainment industry.  

Finally, the fact that “The Morning Show” has been renewed for a second season and Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon agreeing to work again is a sign that they have no problems working with each other. They are getting along and they are in fact very close friends who hang out and help each other in real life. 

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston attends the 2018 InStyle Awards at The Getty Center on Oct. 22, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer