It may have been a shock for many when Angelina Jolie announced her split with Brad Pitt, but it’s a different story for Jennifer Aniston. Just when everybody thought Pitt and Jolie were a match made in heaven, Pitt’s first wife knew that “Brangelina” would end one day.

Pitt and Jolie’s affair allegedly started while they were filming “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” At that time, Pitt was still married to Aniston, but their marriage was on the rocks. Since Jolie was single when she met Pitt, it was easy for her to develop romantic feelings for her costar. She confirmed in an interview two years after they confirmed their relationship that she had fallen in love with Pitt on the set of their film despite him being married.

The two were able to successfully build a family crowned with four beautiful children. That’s why everybody was shocked when they suddenly announced that they’re getting a divorce. In 2016, the same year that Jolie filed a divorce from Pitt, Aniston’s friends revealed in an interview that the news didn’t shock Aniston at all.

“Jennifer always knew that this day would come,” a friend of Aniston said. “Everyone in Jennifer’s inner circle regards Angelina as a crazy master manipulator. But we all presumed the end of their affair would be Angelina leaving Brad for someone else.”

Aniston’s friend also revealed that even though Pitt’s affair with Jolie was what ruined her previous marriage, Aniston wasn’t happy to learn that Jolie was divorcing her ex-husband. “Jen still cares about Brad and wishes him well,” the source said. “She has moved on and is really happy with Justin Theroux.”

When Jolie confirmed that Brangelina was over, Aniston was already happily married to film producer Justin Theroux. That’s why when the news about Pitt and Jolie’s impending divorce broke, Jennifer Aniston chose to keep a low profile, refusing to grace interviews about the subject. “She’s probably having a margarita with Courtney Cox right now,” her friend said at the time.

Currently, Pitt and Jolie are still in the process of finalizing their divorce. Aniston, on the other hand, is currently single and has rekindled her friendship with Pitt.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
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