“I’d absolutely love to be in a ­Bollywood movie, especially those dance numbers at the end,” says Jennifer Aniston, care of The Sun. “It would be fantastic.”

After Canadian-based tabloid Globe published an article about it, there has been buzz about Aniston’s alleged interest in taking on a Bollywood-style movie. The publication alleged that the 50-year-old actress expressed interest in showing off her singing and dancing skills akin to a Bollywood film.

“Jen's put the word out she wants to rock a fun-filled, stylised Bollywood-type rom-com that'll knock people's socks off,” a source had told the aforementioned news outlet (via MSN Entertainment).

The tabloid added that despite her interest, the Rachel Green actress will be “on high alert to choose a super script.” This is in light of Brie Larson’s “Basmati Blues” film, which bombed in ratings and reviews in 2018.

The article even mentioned that Aniston has toyed around with a Broadway-type rendition of the nineties comedy classic “Friends,” which is where her stardom had begun. Aniston allegedly claimed that Lea Michele of the hit musical series “Glee” would be perfect for the role of Rachel.

“Jen has told friends that ‘Glee’ singing powerhouse Lea Michele would make the perfect Rachel in this project, and it simply becomes a matter of convincing Jen's good friend, Warner Bros. executive Peter Roth, of the viability of the idea,” the Globe’s source stated. “The show's creators can actually be bypassed if Jen can get the studio on-board.”

Gossip Cop, a website that “polices” online celebrity gossip, has reason to believe that the Globe article is a sham. In an article written by Andrew Shuster for the fact-checking celebrity reporting site, the publication tackled how unreliable the Globe magazine is with its gossip news.

After giving Aniston’s spokesperson a call, Gossip Cop confirmed that the claims in the tabloid’s article are blatantly false news. The article also said that according to Aniston’s representative, the actress “has no plans to star in a Bollywood style production.”

The whole idea may not be far off as Aniston said that she “would absolutely love to be in a Bollywood movie,” wrote an article by the Sun. However, no official announcement has been made regarding the matter.

Jennifer Aniston Photo of Jennifer Aniston. Getty Images