Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are two of the most popular Hollywood stars in their generation. When Brad Pitt left Aniston for Jolie, it is understandable for fans of both A-list actresses to pit their favorite stars against each other.

In fact, a quick search on the net will yield you millions of results for the phrase “Angelina Jolie Vs Jennifer Aniston.” While there is really no definite way to rate an actress as each and every one of them is unique in her own way, it’s still interesting to read what some fans think about their favorite star.

Who Is Prettier/Sexier/More Beautiful?

While this is admittedly too shallow, it can’t be helped that fans will try to compare Aniston and Jolie based on their physical appearances. As can be expected, this question hasn’t been settled to this day, which just proves that beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder.

This question was posted on the site GirlsAskGuys, where people can post their opinion on who among the two is prettier. “Aniston looks a thousand times better — it's not even a contest,” someone called MrOracle wrote, which shows that he is an Aniston fan.

Of course, Jolie fans just can’t agree with such assessment. “Just on a physical level, she’s striking. The lips, eyes, the extraordinary cheekbones, the jawline….,” Tova Krakauer wrote on Quora. “Could you really pass her on the street (even if she wasn’t a celebrity) without staring?”

Jolie has been painted as the seductress, so it’s understandable that there are people who think that she is more is beautiful. But they can’t just forgive her for stealing Pitt from Aniston. “Jennifer Aniston all the way !!!,” Yvonne Lobo posted on Quora. “Angelina Jolie looks way better than aniston but she is a HOME WRECKER!”

Meanwhile, a reader called ak666 just appreciates both actresses for who they are. “For me (not the one that down-voted), from a pure personality standpoint I think Angelina exudes sensuality and sexiness, but maybe to such a degree that it's a little bit hard to relate,” the reader commented. “For example, it seems like it would be hard to get into a very humorous conversation with her. JA seems a little more easy to relate to me in that sense, like someone funny and fun to be around who never takes anything too seriously.”

The same kind of comments can be found on other sites as well, which probably shows that the idea of beauty varies greatly between each person. “I guess Aniston has a more classical beauty,” a user called sinkingaship posted on IGN. “Angelina has more of an exotic look.”

Who Is More Successful With Their Careers?

Another way that fans compare the actresses is based on their careers. “Her [Jennifer] movies are forgettable,” Tova Krakauer, an obvious Jolie fan, wrote on Quora. “Angelina Jolie is the exact opposite: unforgettable.” Jolie starred in a number of box office hits such as “Maleficent,” the “Tomb Raider” films, “Mr. And Mrs. Smith” and “Salt,” to name a few. Her estimated net worth is a hefty $100 million.

But Aniston is not exactly a slouch in the career department either. She starred in the long-running comedy series “Friends,” has her own production company and is the spokesperson for Emirate, Aveeno and Smart Water. All this hard work resulted in a very healthy bank account and her estimated net worth is a cool $100 million.

It is easy to see that both actresses are very successful in their own right. While fans of either stars will inevitably have their own preferences, it’s probably best to acknowledge both of them for what they really are — strong, smart, uniquely beautiful and exceptional women.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Popular tourist attraction Madame Tussauds unveils its seasonal waxwork scene, featuring models of (L-R) Angelina Jolie as the Wicked Step Mother, Brad Pit as Prince Charming from Snow White And Jennifer Aniston as Snow White at the Marylebone Road tourist attraction. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images