Jennifer Garner has been dating John Miller for a year, and it was already reported that they are planning to get married. Once, they were said to have decided to settle down after the actress’ divorce from Ben Affleck was finalized, but this was refuted. And everyone can see now that it was indeed a false story. 

The two have been reported to be tying the knot on several occasions. However, despite the number of rumors regarding their supposed wedding, it seems that marriage is not on their agenda yet. Below are the other times when Garner and Miller were allegedly preparing to be husband and wife.  

March 2019: Pregnancy And Proposal

Garner was said to be pregnant, so she and her beau wanted to get married before the baby is born. The report came from Star Magazine, which alleged that the “Peppermint” actress is obviously expecting as people saw her baby bump while she was out shopping in Los Angeles. Miller, the CaliGroup CEO, was said to have immediately proposed to the actress, and she accepted. 

However, this was refuted because in another report that was published in May, a source said that Garner and Miller decided to slow things down. They are spending more time with each other, but they’re not rushing to tie the knot. 

“In March, Jen and John decided to slow things down a bit,” the source told Entertainment Tonight. “Jen was focusing on the kids, her career, and co-parenting with Ben Affleck.” 

As for the pregnancy rumors, Garner already addressed these reports in April via “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The actress explained that she’s already 47 years old and is not having any more kids. She stressed that she and Miller are totally not doing it. 

March 2019: Another Proposal

In the same month, another tabloid reported that John Miller proposed to Jennifer Garner while they were having breakfast. The businessman was said to have popped the question, and she said “yes,” as per Globe. Ben Affleck was reportedly devastated as his ex-wife is now engaged to someone else. However, due to the lack of solid information and specifics, this report was also declared as false.

July 2019: Summer Wedding Plans

In July this year, it was reported that Garner and Miller have already set their nuptials for the latter part of the summer. However, this was also debunked. In Touch Weekly reported that the couple wants to tie the knot soon, but it did not specify important details like the venue and place.

It seems that the publication was also trying to be on the safe side when it added that there’s a possibility that the date would be pushed back to early fall. In the end, this report was proven wrong when the actress’ camp clarified that there was no discussion of marriage between Garner and her boyfriend.

Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner at the 2014 SAG Awards 2014. Wireimage