Hollywood’s femme fatale, Jennifer Lawrence has played several iconic characters who either die or almost die in the reels, but in the summer of 2017, the academy award winner had a face-to-face encounter with death in her real life.

Lawrence is the cover star of Vanity Fair’s December edition and during an interview with the magazine, the "Red Sparrow" star recounted the horrifying near-death experience.

She had wrapped her then-boyfriend Darren Aronofsky’s psychological horror movie "Mother!" and boarded a private plane from her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky to New York City.

Midway through the flight, she heard a loud noise and realized the air pressure in the cabin had suddenly changed.

A fellow passenger went to the cockpit and returned with terrifying news. One of the plane's two engines had failed. However, Lawrence was informed that it was still possible to make an emergency landing with one engine.

That’s when all of the noise suddenly stopped, and the terror set in. They’d lost the second engine.

"My skeleton was all that was left in the seat. We were all just going to die. I started leaving little mental voicemails to my family, you know, 'I've had a great life, I'm sorry,'" Lawrence said.

"I just felt guilty. Everybody was going to be so bummed. And, oh, God, Pippi was on my lap, that was the worst part. Here's this little thing who didn't ask to be a part of any of this."

As they approached a runway in Buffalo, for an emergency landing, Lawrence looked out the plane window and saw fire trucks and emergency vehicles rushing in.

"I started praying. Not to the specific God, I grew up with, because he was terrifying and a very judgmental guy. But I thought, Oh, my God, maybe we’ll survive this? I’ll be a burn victim, this will be painful, but maybe we’ll live."

"‘Please, Lord Jesus, let me keep my hair. Wrap me in your hair-loving arms. Please don’t let me go bald.’"

The plane slammed into the runway so hard that it bounced back up and came down again just as hard.

Both the crew and passengers were rescued and unharmed, everyone crying and hugging.

"It made me a lot weaker," Lawrence said. "Flying is horrific and I have to do it all the time."

Lawrence is currently starring in Netflix's upcoming satirical sci-fi comedy "Don't Look Up" alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, which is set to premiere first in theaters on Dec. 10 and then on Netflix on Dec. 24.

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