Jennifer Lopez is back in the limelight after rumors place her in a very embarrassing situation. The world-acclaimed artist has been dating former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman Alex Rodriguez for almost two years, sparking quite a bit of gossip about the two.

The New York Yankees player proposed to the hit singer earlier in March, and the wedding planning has been making some headway. Unfortunately, the couple has hit an obstacle in their plans, with rumors of the singer having trouble with her wedding dress. According to Australian weekly magazine NW, Lopez’s obsession to fitness has caused her to be “too buff for her gown.”

The “gym junkie” Lopez has been working out with her fiancé nonstop, the publication’s source revealed. Her overly exertive fitness routine resulted to a gain of almost 20 pounds in muscle mass, which inevitably caused her body to not fit in her designer wedding gown.

“Jen’s bordering on bodybuilder status,” NW’s source said. “She works out twice a day in the weights room and it shows. Her guns are huge and she’s gained a couple of inches across her back. But the downside is she’d split her wedding dress if she tried to button it up right now, so she’s searching for a new gown.”

Unfortunately, the publication further stated that the now ill-fitting dress is not the only problem that the engaged couple faces. A-rod is also having some issues with Lopez’s muscles as she might have bigger muscles than him soon.

Another insider further claims that the wedding dress might be a minor issue as Lopez might actually not push through with the wedding. The dancer allegedly has “prewedding jitters” and may put off their union for good. “This will be her fourth wedding — and if it doesn’t work out, it’ll be humiliating,” the source added.

Popular fact-checking website Gossip Cop, however, completely debunks NW’s narrative, proving all their claims to be false. First, there is no wedding dress to be ill-fitting in as there is no wedding date set as of writing. Typically, dresses are fitted and made with a specific date in mind, which the couple has yet to decide on. 

A source close to the couple also denied the claims, calling it all “nonsense.” Gossip Cop believes that this is simply a spin on Lopez and Rodriguez’s love for health and fitness.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez attend the 33rd Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner in New York City. Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis