Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez
Is J-Rod a new thing? Rumors about an alleged relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are making rounds online. Could this be true? Reuters

According to Page Six, former New York Yankees Star Alex Rodriguez and diva Jennifer Lopez are dating, and the rumors are spreding everywhere.

Although there is nothing confirmed, we have seen JLo and Alex together many times, and according to the source, they know each other so well they're willing to give it a try. "They've really been together because they have a lot in common, from their Latin roots to their love for New York and their children," a Page Six source said. "They've been seeing each other for a few months, and they were together in Los Angeles last weekend."

Back in 2005, while Jennifer was married to Marc Anthony, they both visited A-Rod's "Subway Series." This was just one of the many times they’ve been seen together. Even some other sources revealed that the player was recently seen behind the scenes in JLo’s Las Vegas concert.

Page Six reported that Rodriguez and his recent girlfriend, Silicon Valley CEO Anne Wojcicki, separated after dating for just under a year.

During the past months, "Jenny from the Bronx" was allegedly involved with rapper Drake, even though this was never confirmed since the couple was actually shooting some videos for upcoming projects together.

Recently, Lopez was also linked to Ben Affleck again, even though rumors about Ben’s divorce hold killed the speculation.

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