Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are on cloud nine right now. A-Rod popped the question to J. Lo last weekend, and it was a moment that even the female superstar never saw coming. Although some people think that A-Rod is the lucky guy for making J. Lo’s heart skip a beat, the truth is that J. Lo thinks she’s luckier. Here are the times Rodriguez shouted his love for Lopez, making it too easy for the female singer to say yes to him.

1. When he wrote a sweet anniversary note for Lopez on Instagram

When Rodriguez and Lopez celebrated their 2nd anniversary in February, Rodriguez posted a letter for his girlfriend on Instagram, and it was simply the sweetest. “Like you, there is none other. Words will never do justice to what the last two years have meant to me. Thank you for always being you, for your unwavering support and unconditional love,” he wrote.

2. When he revealed he had kept his autograph photo of Lopez from two decades ago

Some 20 years ago, Rodriguez met J. Lo and the superstar signed a pic for the then-young baseball player. Little did he know that he and his idol would be an item 20 years later! On Instagram, Rodriguez revealed that he had kept this photo of her and shared it with the hashtag #lifecanbeafunnythingsometimes.

3. When it was totally okay with him being J. Lo’s photographer at the MTV Video Music Awards

Rodriguez earned a lot of praises when he was photographed during the MTV Video Music Awards proudly taking candid photos of his girlfriend on the red carpet.

4. When he called J. Lo his “favorite Christmas gift”

Last Christmas, A-Rod shared a photo of him and J. Lo in red pajamas and captioned it, “Can you spot my favorite Christmas gift?” There is no denying he is so into her!

5. When he would always visit her on the set of “World of Dance” just to give her a boost

According to R&B star Ne-Yo, J. Lo’s fellow “World Of Dance” judge, he can tell that the two love each other so much just by looking at them. He said Rodriguez always comes on set to see J. Lo, and he’s her biggest fan. “She already lights up a room when she walks in, because it’s just J. Lo and that’s what she does, but when he comes around it’s like, ‘OK, put on your sunglasses,’” he said it. “We get it — you guys love each other and you’re happy. Alright, we understand. It’s a beautiful thing to observe,” he added.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez attend Jennifer Lopez's MTV VMA's Vanguard Award Celebration at Beauty & Essex on August 21, 2018, in New York City. Andrew Toth/Getty Images for TAO Group