Jennifer Lopez uploaded a photo of herself with Alex Rodriguez on social media in 2017. In the snap, the singer and her fiancé are holding each other’s hands.

Lopez seemingly shared the picture to her millions of followers on Instagram innocently. But the singer is now being sued for copyright infringement by Splash News and Picture Agency.

The plaintiff claimed that they own the photo of the couple, and Lopez never asked permission if she could upload the snap on social media. The “World Of Dance” judge didn’t also credit the agencies.

As such, Splash News and Picture Agency are demanding a $150,000 pay in damages. They also want to make sure that the singer will never upload or use the same photo ever again.

“The Photograph is creative, distinctive, and valuable,” the filing read. “Because of the subject's celebrity status, and the photograph's quality and visual appeal, the plaintiff (and the photographer it represents) stood to gain revenue from licensing the photograph,” the filing added.

As of late, Lopez has not yet released a statement regarding the matter. But the agencies claimed that they wrote a letter to Lopez in 2017 informing her of the infringement, but she or her representatives never replied.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez attend the 33rd Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner. Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis

Meanwhile, Lopez isn’t the only A-lister to have been involved in this type of scandal. Last month, supermodel Gigi Hadid was also sued for uploading a photo of Zayn Malik on social media.

“To the paparazzi, I understand that this is how you make your living and I respect that this is something I must accept with my job,” Hadid said in a statement. “But there is a line. We are human beings, and sometimes it takes a lot of courage to engage with you because of the resentment I feel for the negative parts of these experiences,” she added.

Photographer Robert O’Neil claimed in his filing that he owns the copyrighted photograph of Malik and that Hadid infringed his copyright by sharing the photo on Instagram. “Gigi Hadid is not, and has never been, licensed or otherwise authorized to reproduce, publicly display, distribute and/or use the Photograph,” O’Neil said.

Gigi Hadid BEST: Gigi Hadid at the MTV Movie Awards 2016. Getty Images