Jesse & Joy
Musicians Joy Huerta (L) and Jesse Huerta of Jesse & Joy backstage at the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina festival presented by Sprint at The Forum on November 22, 2014 in Inglewood, California. Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

It's been four years since Jesse & Joy last released an album. Following their Grammy-award nominated production "¿Con Quién Se Queda El Perro?," the Mexican duo are ready to launch their new work.

"Un Besito Mas" (One More Kiss) is the name of their fourth studio album set to be released on December 4th via Warner Music. According to Jesse, 32, working on their new album was a big challenge. "We got to that point because we did things we had never done before and I think this album is one of the most diverse we’ve done in terms of rhythms. It’s a bit riskier, even though the first single “Ecos de Amor” doesn’t necessarily show that riskier side. We chose that as the single because we wanted it to be that bridge between where we came from and where we are," he told Billboard in an exclusive interview, stating that they sought inspiration for the new album during their tour in different cities.

For Joy, their sound has matured since they first debuted a decade ago. "The more we live, the more we discover our essence as human beings. It’s been 10 years that we’ve been doing this and every tour, getting to know different cultures, has enriched us. When you sit down to write, you draw from those experiences, which is why, as Jesse mentioned, the music is more diverse than ever," the 29-year-old songstress told Billboard.

In addition to a fresh sound, "Un Besito Mas" hits home for the brother and sister, who told the publication that the "album is so personal."

"We’re a homegrown musical act and our father has always been present. He was with us when we signed our first record contract -- I was 21, Joy was 18 -- and he was able to protect us. So when he died – two years ago in December – it was especially difficult. We had just come off the biggest tour of our career and it was just such a contrast of high and low," Jesse said. His sister stated the following: "We didn’t want the vibe of the song to be tragic, or corta venas. We wanted it to have a feeling of hope that there could be un besito más, that we might be able to give him another kiss in another lifetime."

In this album, the duo collaborated with the iconic Juan Luis Guerra and feel honored to have crossed off working with the Dominican artist from their bucket list.

"There’s a song we wrote for him called 'Un Besito Más' and it’s a duet with Juan Luis Guerra (he also produced it). It’s sort of our way of saying to our dad, 'Thank you for everything.' And it could be interpreted a couple different ways. So being that our album is about love, and the joy and the pain that comes from love, we figured it was the perfect title."

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