The half-sister of Hollywood star Drew Barrymore, Jessica Barrymore, was found dead inside her car in California, according to reports today from the New York Daily News. According to E! Entertainment , police officers found the body after receiving a complaint from a woman identified as Marta Lopez, who campe upon the vehicle on her way to work. The car was parked along a street in National City, Calif., a suburb south of San Diego, authorities said.

Rumors of a possible suicide have emerged: after a closer inspection, Lopez noticed that Barrymore, 47, had a can of energy drink between her legs and dozens of white pills were scattered on the passenger seat.  "She appeared to be sleeping in her vehicle, partially blocking a driveway. We went out to check her welfare, and she was cold to the touch, obviously deceased," National City Police Lt. Robert Rounds told the Daily News.

 The San Diego Medical Examiner's Office identified the bodyand reported that it was a daughter of actor John Drew Barrymore. "Life doesn't always give you the people who you want to know," Jessica wrote on Monday on her Facebook page, suggesting a depressive state. So far, her sister Drew, the star of "Charlie's Angels," has not commented on the sad news and neither have her representatives.