Jessica Lange reveals that she is leaving "American Horror Story" but not until the end of Season 4. Find out what the actress has to say about her "Coven" character Fiona Goode.
Jessica Lange reveals that she is leaving "American Horror Story" but not until the end of Season 4. Find out what the actress has to say about her "Coven" character Fiona Goode. FX

Jessica Lange has us bewitched with her latest role on “American Horror Story” but the talented actress has recently revealed that she will leave the hit show. But don’t freak out just yet, because Lange is not totally ready to live behind her spell-bounding role as Fiona Goode, or the AHS series. “I’ll do one more season,” the actress says of the popular FX franchise. It seems like this isn’t the first time Lange has stated her time at “American Horror Story” has come to a close, the shows co-creator, Ryan Murphy, teased Lange revealing, “Every year, she says, ‘OK, that’s my last one.’” But apparently this time it’s for real, after Season 4 of AHS Lange will say goodbye to the series, taking her Emmy and Golden Globe with her.

But for the time Fiona is among the “Coven” fans can still marvel at her witty and witchy ways. As the Supreme witch, Fiona is the strongest witch of her generation who possesses potent powers including, telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, pyrokinesis, and the ability to consume the life force of others, all of these capabilities are additional to her inherent witch abilities of casting spells through special rituals. Season 3 is only 2 episodes in and already has an incredibly interesting plot; in the series premiere “Bitchcraft” Fiona returned to New Orleans and Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, where her daughter Cordelia is teaching young witches Queenie, Zoe, Nan, and Madison. Fiona is a complex character, and fans have already enjoyed watching her life fall apart, while still looking fierce in black. Lange described her character’s mindset when we met her in Season 3, “The idea that this woman has gone through life basically like a bulldozer, in the most selfish, self-centric fashion. Things just falling by the wayside. Now, she’s at a moment in her life where she’s confronted by all these things — her mortality; the fact that maybe she’s alone and what did she discard on the way, like her daughter, that could bring something meaningful, but it’s too late."

“American Horror Story” will hold many conflicts, but the overall theme of Lange’s character in Season 3 is her search for immortal life and youth. “The spine of the character is that thing of a wasted life,” Lange says. This seemingly impossible quest of Fiona’s gets a boast after she unearths a 1830s high-society woman from the ground. The perfectly preserved Madame LaLaurie reveals that she was giving the immortality potion unknowingly, and not by a witch. This leads the “baddest witch in town” to a hair salon run by the now modern day Marie Laveau. Notable in New Orleans history, Laveau is the voodoo priestess of the Big Easy, and her infamy is well deserved. Laveau is also immortal and young, and this is exactly what Fiona is after. Lange reiterates her character’s admiration for Laveau’s beauty, describing Angela Bassett, who portrays Laveau as an “extraordinary beauty. She just kind of takes my breath away when I look at her.”

But before Lange says goodbye to “American Horror Story” she says that Season 3 will be one to remember. The show returns to FX tonight with episode 3 “The Replacements” and according to Lange, “there’s Madame LaLaurie, there’s Fiona Goode, there’s Marie Laveau, there’s New Orleans,” so what’s not to love?


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