Jessica Simpson Says Ricky Martin Could Be Her Latino Brother [PHOTO]

Jessica Ricky
If you analyze the picture Jessica Simpson shared on her Instagram you might agree that singers Jessica Simpson and Ricky Martin could be brother and sister. Getty Images

There are many myths related to knowing your spitting image, your clone, or maybe your celebrity doppelganger. While many think it is lucky, for others it is a unique experience, worthy of sharing it with the world, just as Jessica Simpson did.

The 37-year-old singer posted a selfie on her Instagram account with no makeup captioning the image as “Flu Blues.” A day later she took social media again to post the same photo along with Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin. According to Simpson, some users had pointed out in the comments that she could be related to the "Assassination of Gianni Versace" star.

“Thank you for all the well wishes and compliments, and to @karihufnagel and @beekk_zs  for pointing out my lookalike, @ricky_martin,” wrote Simpson using the hashtag  #TWINNING.

After analyzing their faces, both artists share similar chin bone structure, and they even have a chin temple in the mandible. Jessica and Ricky’s upper lips have a peaked cupid's bow shape, that according to Jean Haner, an expert in face reading, via Cosmopolitan, “This lip shape tends to mean the person is a good communicator, is quick-minded, and very creative. Because they're so quick-minded, they can also be highly reactive and often not think before speaking, whether what they're saying is kind or mean-spirited.”

Some users agree that the affinity starts in the jaw. "I totally see it!" one user said. "Wow the same face," another one added. Some users think they have a similar eye shape. "Wow the same eyes," commented yet another user, while others think Martin looks like Dennis Quaid. “I always think Ricky look a lot like the actor Dennis Quaid. But definitely if he switch to woman he’s going look like you,” wrote one of Simpson's followers. 


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