It has been 10 years since the popular Mexican telenovela "Rebelde" aired its last episode. Yes, an entire decade has passed since we last enjoyed characters Mia, Roberta, Lupita, Miguel, Giovanni and Diego on the small screen --sniff, sniff. 

Though hardcore fans were sad that the telenovela reached its end after three successful seasons, the cast of Rebelde continued to make an impact around the world as musical group RBD. The group disbanded in 2009 as the "Rebelde"/RBD crew has parted ways. But that did not mean the party ended there. In fact, some of the cast members are still very relevant today.

Alfonso Herrera, for example, has made a successful crossover career starring in popular series such as Netflix's "Sense8." Maite Perroni is now a telenovela queen, having starred in recent productions such as "La Gata" and "Antes Muerta que Lichita." Anahí and Dulce María continue making the rounds with their solo musical careers. Christopher Uckermann revealed he is working in an upcoming movie, whereas Christian Chávez is planning his ultimate comeback

Rebelde A tribute band in Peru is convinced that they are the next big thing after Rebelde. Can't believe it? Watch this video! Yo Soy Peru / Televisa

Meanwhile in Peru, a tribute group is keeping the RBD legacy alive! Meet Louni, Aaron, Angie, Diego, Miluska and Yani, six young adults who are absolutely convinced that they are the next big thing after Rebelde. 

The tribute band who met on the Internet in a Rebelde fan page, appeared on a local reality TV show called "Yo Soy Peru," where they showcased their talent during auditions with the hopes to make it on the next round. They performed the opening theme of the telenovela "Rebelde." Not only did they dress like their favorite "Rebelde" cast member, but their singing and dancing were on-point... or so they thought as they failed to impress the judges.

Just as the friends butchered their presentation, the judges bashed them. "If finding harmony in a trio is hard, imagine six voices?," said one of the judges. "On a scale from 1 to 100 you're at a 10," she added. "Separate the group, some of you are only in it for support," said another judge. Watch the video below. What do you think of these RBD doppelgängers?