Joaquín López-Doriga is one of the most respected television journalists in México as he anchors the Televisa nightly news. López-Doriga had traveled to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup 2014 opening ceremony and had been broadcasting his newscast live from Rio de Janeiro all of last week. He is the face of the most-watched network in México and Televisa is tattoed all over him, figuratively of course. During Mexico's debut at the soccer tournament last Friday we saw him cheering on the team along with all of the Televisa Deportes crew. However, during El Tri's second match, he seemed to have a change of heart and turned to rival Azteca to watch their coverage of the highly-anticipated game against the host nation.

A photo was leaked online as Mr. López-Doriga was in his radio cabin broadcasting his show for Grupo Formula. In the background the television set was tuned to Azteca 7, which you can verify by the logo on-screen in the upper-right hand corner. Azteca has used this goof to promote their advantage of their main competitors. Both Azteca and Televisa share the World Cup television rights and have always fought head-to-head over who has the better coverage. As the tournament kicked off, an alleged photo of Azteca sports commentator, Christian Martinoli, circled around social media that named "Vaca" and "Pollo," the two young additions to the Televisa team. The image read, "La Vaca y el Pollo me la pelan," which means that he didn't care for them or was beyond what they could do. With this photo from Joaquín López-Doriga it will only add to the fuel.

This was not Joaquín López-Doriga's first foolish mistake during the games either. After the match where Argentina faced Bosnia-Herzegovina at Maracanã Stadium in Rio, he tweeted out the final score. "It's over in Rio Argentina 2 Serbia 1," he wrote. López-Doriga confused Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, who at one point in history were part of Yugoslavia. Followers were quick to catch the error and give him hell for it. Not only that, but at the end of the México-Brazil encounter he tweeted: "Great Piojo. Great triumph. And now the fourth match." This was only El Tri's second appearance and their third game has not been played it. That game will take place on Monday, June 23 against Croatia in Recife. Joaquín López-Doriga has not had a great week in social media, but we enjoy these funny moments.