Convicted killer Jodi Arias will be back in court this morning for a hearing a head of her sentencing trial. Arias was found guilty of first degree murder back in May for the 2008 murder of her former boyfriend Travis Alexander. Arias, now 33 repeatedly stabbed Alexander in his home after spending the evening with him. Some friends of the victim found Alexander dead in his shower stall a few days after the murder. Alexander was discovered with over 20 stab wounds, a slash to the throat and a bullet to the head.

Arias went back to court today for yet another hearing prior to the sentencing phase of her trial. The jury that convicted Arias of murder could not unanimously agree on a sentence. Arias is currently facing a life sentence or a death sentence. A new jury is supposed to be sworn in but Judge Sherry Stephens has yet to schedule a penalty hearing. The judge has ruled that there will be no live TV coverage of the new trial. Arias' murder trial caught national attention and the months of testimony played out in front of a national audience.

Despite her current predicament Arias is not letting a potential death sentence stop her from speaking to her hoard of loyal followers on Twitter. Arias has been active on Twitter since her trial tweeting updates first had or with the help of a friend. Arias also uses Twitter to let followers know when her artwork goes on sale. The former amateur photographer spends her time in jail painting and then selling her art online. Arias most recent tweets let followers know a toilet has back up in a cell above her.

She also shared her latest horoscope and voiced her opinion that the new jury should be sequestered for her sentencing trial. Since the first jury was unable to come to a decision about her fate Arias and her attorneys have said they feel the jury should be sequestered. Arias believes all of the media attention her case is getting will taint a jury pool and she will be unable to get a fair trial. When Arias was first found guilty she said in an interview she would prefer the death penalty. When it came time to speak to the jury Arias asked that her life be spared for her family's sake.

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