The Oxygen Network will air a two part episode of "Snapped" on Dec 15 and 16 about Jodi Arias and the 2008 murder of her one time boyfriend Travis Alexander. The official press release for the two part episode reads: "As the world eagerly awaits Arias' sentence, the network's hit true crime series will take an in-depth look into the disturbing murder of Travis Alexander. It will uncover the woman behind the crime - from her idyllic upbringing to the relationship that altered her life forever."

The statement continues, "Through gripping firsthand accounts and never-before-seen interviews with Travis' friends and experts who covered the case, the two-hour special will step through the entire case, starting with the couple's deadly love affair to the media frenzy surrounding the trial, all of which led to Arias' first-degree murder conviction." Viewers will hear from people who knew Arias and Alexander as well as Diane Schwartz, one of the jurors on the Arias trial who voted for the death penalty.

"Attracting millions of fans including a diverse group of celebrities, "Snapped" profiles the fascinating cases of everyday, seemingly average women accused of murder," reads the press release. Jodi Arias captured national attention went she went on trial for killing Travis Alexander. When Alexander's body was discovered by his friends they immediately pointed police in the direction of Alexander's on and off again girlfriend Jodi Arias. At first the pretty blonde had an alibi and expressed shock to hear Alexander had died.

The police found holes in Arias' alibi and decided to bring her in for questioning where she began to spin web after web of lies. Arias went so far as to concoct a story about being in Alexander's home the night he died and witnessing his death but did not kill him. Arias said two masked men broke into the home, killed Travis and left. After the police told Arias they did not believe her she confessed to killing Alexander, but claimed it was in self-defense as Alexander had been beating her.

Both the police and the jury did not buy Arias claim of domestic abuse and justification of the murder by claiming self-defense. On May 8, 2013 Arias was found guilty of first degree murder. The jury could not unanimously agree on whether she should be sentenced to life in prison or be sentenced to death. After the judge instructed the jury to return to deliberations they still could not agree and were dismissed. A new jury will be sworn in but the sentencing hearing has not been rescheduled. Recently Judge Stephens denied Arias' request to fire her lead attorney and also banned live media coverage of the sentencing.

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