Screengrab from Tuesday Night's The Daily Show
Screengrab from Tuesday Night's The Daily Show Screengrab from Tuesday Night's The Daily Show

On Tuesday's The Daily Show, Comedian John Leguizamo smashed a piñata while reciting a hilarious tirade of Spanish-spoken profanities in response to a New York Times/Siena poll that reported former President Trump leads President Biden among Latino voters ahead of the 2024 elections

The Colombian actor, guest-hosting the late-night show after several stints, acknowledged his amazement at the fact that Trump's efforts to woo the Latino vote were paying off, even after reusing an ad from 2020 to court this voter bloc. "The thing that hurts me the most is that his lazy ass strategy is actually working" said Leguizamo.

At this point in the monologue Leguizamo excused himself, pulled out a piñata and ripped it in half while yelling profanities in Spanish.

After letting off some steam, Leguizamo continued to analyze the Times/Siena poll: "you might be thinking: 'How is this possible? Donald Trump is winning Latinos?' 'Build the wall' Donald Trump? 'Mass deportations' Donald Trump? Guy who thinks Daddy Yankee is a baseball player, Donald Trump? But the truth is, in 2024, Latino voters have something else on their minds."

He then went on to show a series of clips of newscasters stating that inflation and the economy are currently the biggest issue for Latino voters ahead of the election. That priority was reflected in the Times/Siena poll he quoted: 93% of Latinos respondents rated current food and consumer goods prices negatively.

For Leguizamo though, the bottom line is very simple: inflation or not, any Latino support for Trump is unacceptable: "here's what you can count on, though. No matter what Trump says about inflation, he doesn't like us and he doesn't want us here," he said.

While reporting the Leguizamo skit, The Hill pointed out that the numbers brought to light by The Daily Show are an outlier compared to in-depth surveys of Hispanic voters. "Accurate polling of Hispanic communities has historically been a headache for pollsters, since reaching some of the more disconnected voters in rural areas, conducting bilingual polling and keeping up with how Latinos communicate can be expensive", explained The Hill.

"The Times/Siena poll was conducted in English and Spanish, but only 3% of interviews with Hispanics were conducted in Spanish", The Hill concluded.

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