Pope John Paul II And Marcial Maciel
Pope John Paul II blesses Marcial Maciel, the founder of Legionarios de Cristo, accused of multiple crimes. AP Images

The UN Convention On The Rights Of The Child have backed a Mexican sexual abuse victims group that formed in response to the impending canonization of late Pope John Paul II. This is the first time a group has formed to challenge the Vatican when it comes to a person's sainthood. The current Pope Francis will now see a case that gives him a chance to reveal pressing questions about the Catholic Church's history with child sexual abuse. He has until Nov. 1 to come forward with any and all evidence pertinent to the case.

"The Pope has a unique and historic opportunity to deliver all the documentation and demonstrate that it is willing to move forward," Alberto Athié, a former Mexican priest, said.

Athié, like many others, left the priesthood after the molestation allegations began surfacing. The Vatican refused to hear the cases in both Mexico and Rome. Another who is opposed to the canonization of John Paul, Joaquín Aguilar of the Clergy Abuse Survivors Network, believes Pope Francis must make an effort to investigate the cases so all involved can be properly punished. He criticized late John Paul's failure in doing so.

"John Paul II learned of cases and never wanted to do anything. He chose not to lift a finger. They should stop the process of canonization if the UN does not act. If they make him a saint and one day his name is released as being associated with some cases of abuse, it is going to do much harm to the Church," he said.

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