Jordan Bolch
Jordan Bolch Jordan Bolch

While the advent of the internet and smart technology has made everything easier and more accessible, it has also made everything more or less the same.

When it comes to music, for example, anyone can record their voices on their smartphones and publish a song online. Moreover, thanks to auto tune, you don’t even need to be a good singer. Everyone seems to be making songs about the same things, which makes it all the more mundane.

That’s where an artist like Jordan Bolch stands out. Below are some of the reasons why this Atlanta artist is known as one of the top emerging artists of his generation:

His Music is a Fusion of Different Genres:

To be an expert in one genre of music is still fathomable. Bolch happens to make wonderful music that is usually a fusion of Pop, R&B, and Electronic Dance Music. Employing both digital and analog innovations, his music is both contemporary and reminiscent of the late 90’s rap music.

It is also because he is inspired by some of the very legends of the American music industry like Billy Joel, The Beach Boys, Elvis, and Paul McCartney to contemporary pop musicians like Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, and Michael Jackson.

He Has Mastered the Art of Production:

He is not just a singer or songwriter; in fact, he produces his own music, which requires a special kind of talent. In an interview about mastering the art of production, here’s what Bolch had to say about the importance of a music producer’s role:

The producer must always be clear about his goals and even give his opinion about it. Although the issue seems trivial, on a few occasions, we have been able to hear great records ruined by poor production.

Once again, defining the objectives and following the work plan are the best options to avoid becoming eternal in the study. Regardless of whether you are recording in a domestic or professional studio, shortening the deadlines has a direct impact on the quality of the product to be edited.”

He Focuses on His Creative Process:

Anyone can be a good artist. What makes a great artist is the creative process one goes through before declaring theirproduct final.

Apart from having a beautifully soulful and distinct voice, what makes Bolch’s music stand out is how keen he is about his music’s process. It may sound very old school, but he likes to play the initial rendition of his songs on the piano first, keeping it simple, original and unadulterated. Once he is happy with the feel of the song along with its composition and lyrics, he moves on to translate the song electronically.

He doesn’t treat his songs in a rushed, hurried way, and that reflects in his music quite evidently.

He is Multi Talented:

At just the age of 33, Bolch is not just a musician; he is also a great and successful businessman at his family business RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. It is an American

Corporation founded by Jordan’s grandfather with its headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The best thing is that Jordan is not part of the company’s board of directors because it is his family business. In fact, he has a Master’s degree in Business from Emory University. He first joined RaceTrac as an Executive Director of Innovation.

Currently, this company is operating over 750 gasoline stations and convenience stores.

Jordan’s first album, Slide, was launched in 2015. In just four years, he has achieved remarkable amount of growth in his music career with hit upon hit songs like “Dance Around”, “Prince Charming”, “All or Nothing” and “Lit”.

It seems that the artist has a long way to go and might be one of the most highlighted names of the next decade if he continues to grow at this pace.