UFC BMF Champion Jorge Masvidal threw jabs at Conor McGregor after winning the title following a TKO victory over Nate Diaz. He shared his insights on what might be running in the Irishman’s s man when he as trying to put his name for the title talks.

In an interview with the “Dan Le Batard Show”, the MMA champ disclosed what he thinks is the reason for the sudden silence of “The Notorious” after his victory. The 31-year old McGregor sent a hint on his Twitter account before the fight that he wanted to get the title.


"To be quite frank, (he) was flirting with fighting the winner when the possibility of the winner was Nate," Masvidal said. He added that McGregor even made a prediction that Diaz will be the winner but never said a “peep” when right after beat Diaz.

“That dude don’t want it, man”, Masvidal said, referring to McGregor facing him in the ring.

Both Masvidal and Diaz were trying to size each other up until Masvidal hit Diaz’s eyebrow twice followed by a kick to the same area that cut him open early in the first round. Diaz has been countering “Gamebred” with his hard punches to the head but Masvidal’s accuracy was on point, hitting body shots that dug deep into Diaz’s core.

Then, “The Notorious” tweeted this.

With the interview of Masvidal, MMA junkies argued with one another on Twitter to weigh in the chances of the two facing up against each other.


McGregor hasn’t fought in the octagon since October 2018 after his submission loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov, who got the UFC lightweight belt. He’s been involved in a couple of controversies, including the scuffle after their fight with Khabib’s cousin Abubakar, according to an article from JOE.

Just this year, McGregor had been under the bad light twice. In March, he took a man’s phone and smashed in on the ground while in Miami, FL but the criminal charges were dismissed due to the complainant’s credibility issues per ESPN. In August, he hit a man in a club in Dublin and pleaded guilty to the assault with a 1000-euro penalty.

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