Former Major League slugger, Jose Canseco, will no longer be able to flip anyone “the bird.” The Cuban born baseball player and author of the book Juiced, which blew the lid off of the steroid era in baseball, shot off his middle finger on his left hand on Monday night.

According to Canseco’s fiancée, Leila Knight, Canseco was sitting at the table in their Las Vegas home, cleaning his hand gun when the gun went off. Knight told TMZ Sports, that Canseco had no idea the gun was loaded and that the bullet ripped his finger completely off!

Metro police in Las Vegas responded to the shooting and arrived at Canseco’s home, where they helped the 50-year-old get to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada. Canseco underwent surgery to try and save the finger, but according to reports, Canseco will never have full use of it again.

The Associated Press reported that Canseco is now back at home where he is recovering from the accident. The six-time All-Star played for six teams during his MLB career where he hit 462 home runs while playing outfield and DH.