Police investigations have concluded that MLB pitcher José Fernández was driving his boat drunk and drugged at the time he crashed in Miami, killing everyone on board, in a report released on Thursday, March 16.

Fernández - along with two friends - were killed on September 25, 2016 when his boat crashed into a dock.

Associate Medical Examiner Kenneth Hutchins listed "boat crash" as the cause of death and also said that the star was legally drunk with an alcohol concentration of .147, almost double the legal limit.

CNN reports that Fernández’s two friends, Emilio Jesus Macias and Eduardo Rivero had levels of alcohol below the legal limit in the state of Florida, which is .08.

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission of Florida initiated an investigation and found not only alcohol on Fernández, but also traces of cocaine. According to TMZ, officials say Fernández and his crew were drinking at a local bar before the accident.

As for the accident, officials say they believe the boat was traveling at 66 miles per hour in a very dangerous area.

The families of the two other passengers killed in the fatal crash filed death lawsuits against Fernández's estate, seeking $2 million each. 

Five months after the baseball player's fatal accident, his girlfriend Maria Arias gave birth to daughter Penelope. According to a family attorney, the mother of Fernandez, Maritza Gomez Fernandez, wants the newborn to be the sole beneficiary to his estate, which is worth an estimated $2 million to $3 million.