José Wilker, Brazilian telenovela actor, was found dead at the age of 66 in his Rio de Janeiro home on Saturday, April 5. The cause of death has not been determined, but it's suspected that a heart attack could have taken his life. Wilker had just finished working on "Amor à Vida" ("Rastros De Mentiras") where he played the tenacious Dr. Herbert. This role proved to be controversial in the South American country when his character falls in love with a younger woman, that was possibly her daughter. Incest is a theme in melodramas that is taboo and the Walcyr Carrasco original touched upon casting doubt in the public over if he was the father or not.

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José Wilker de Almeida was born on August 20, 1947 in Juazeiro do Norte but moved to Recife when he was a child. In 1967 he moved to Rio to studio Sociology but dropped out to focus in the theatre arts. By 1970 he won the Molière award as Best Actor for his work on the play "O Arquiteto e o Imperador da Assiria." He became part of the cast of "Bandeira 2" in 1971, marking his entrance into telenovela. His first starring role was in 1975 when he was the lead in "Gabriela." Wilker went on to be the leading man of soaps like "Anjo Mau" (1976), "Roque Santeiro" (1985) and "Senhora Do Destino" (2004).

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Other memorable roles in his career on the small screen included comedies like "Sai De Baixo" (1996), "Louco Amor" (1983) and "Transas e Caretas" (1984). José having the experience working in telenovelas tapped into directing the genre in two telenovelas, "Carmen" (1987) and "Corpo Santo" (1987). His credits also included "Gabriela" (2012), "Insensato Coração" (2011), "Cinquentinha" (2009), "Três Irmãs" (2008) and "Duas Caras" (2007). His legacy will live on forever in the memories of all telenovela lovers that were touched by his diverse body of work. May you rest in peace José Wilker.