Joseph Torrez, a 155-pound lightweight who has a record of one win and five losses in MMA bouts, gave four home intruders the surprise of a lifetime. As the intruders knocked down the door of his mobile home outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Torrez fought them so hard that he ended up killing one man, injuring another so badly he was taken to the hospital and persuading two others to run in fear, according to authorities. The alleged assailants -- Sal Garces, 25, his brother Raymond, 19, Nathan Avalos, 20 and Leonard Calvillo, 22 -- forced their way into the mobile home at about 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day, where Torrez was with his fiancée, son and another woman.

According to a Doña Ana County Sheriff’s spokeswoman, the four men are all gang members. C.J. McElhinney, an attorney for Torrez, said the attackers brought a crude shank and one picked up a knife once they forced their way inside. The older Garces brother, Sal, was stabbed to death during the fight. Avalos suffered “severe” facial injuries and was taken to a New Mexico hospital, and Calvillo and the younger Garces, Raymond were the ones who escaped, but were later arrested on charges of conspiracy and property damage. Torrez only endured minor injuries, according to his lawyer.

Deputies said it all started with an argument between Torrez and the four other men. Calvillo allegedly called Torrez on the phone and threatened to kill him. “I’ll kill you and your family ... I’ll go to your house,” the man reportedly said. The arrest affidavit reveals the men tossed furniture and then physically attacked Torrez. Deputies said Torrez was able to fight off all four men, protecting himself and his family. The fighter could face charges in the death of Sal Garces, but his lawyer, however, said Torrez was only defending himself and his family. Neighbors spoke to KFOX 14 and said Torrez moved out immediately after the fight. Several trucks showed up overnight and the family cleared out.