Juan Gabriel Hotel Room Video: Watch Mexican Artist Being Filmed By Mystery Person In Intimate Clip!

Juan Gabriel Leaks Video
Watch the video that the Mexican songwriter leaked online after claims of being blackmailed! MezcalEnt

Juan Gabriel surprised his fans when he uploaded an intimate video of himself being filmed by a mystery person. The 64-year-old singer-songwriter shocked everyone as he is usually extremely private with his life. He is famously quoted as saying "lo que se ve, no se pregunta," which loosely translates to "don't ask about something that is obvious," when a Univision reporter asked about his sexual orientation. Apparently, Juanga was being blackmailed with this video and before someone released it, he decided to do it himself.

"Before you saw it somewhere else, I will publish it," he wrote on his unverified Twitter account with a link to the video. The clip has Alberto Aguilera, his real name, rolling around in bed, posing in suggestive positions and flirting with the person managing the camera. The person recording is a man as we deduce from the deep voice that doesn't appear in a single frame. He tells the singer "don't make those ugly faces pa" to which he replies "everyone is listening to you, you will not be able to show this." The video continues and ends with Juan Gabriel laying back in bed and apparently falling asleep.

Everything points to someone trying to blackmail the "Abrázame Muy Fuerte" singer and take him out of the closet. His sexuality has been a topic of question over his career, but he has never admitted it publicly. Although rumors around this side of him are persistent, fans and the media have grown to accept it as he is one of the biggest Mexican songwriters consistently topping charts and writing succeslful lyrics to other artists. The video is part of his private life and seems to have been taken years ago as he looks much younger. Juan Gabriel has nothing to be ashamed about and most like why he decided to release it himself. Watch the video down below and tell us what you think!

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