Christina Aguilera, Juan Gabriel, Justin Bieber
Juan Gabriel has yet to release "Los Dúo II" and he's already looking for new collaborations for a third album! Getty Images

Juan Gabriel might have released a top-selling production early this year with his "Los Dúo" album featuing collaborations with artists such as Natalia Jimenez, Vicente Fernandez and Juanes, but the party does not stop there! Just 10 months after dropping his recent work, Juanga will debut its sequel "Los Dúo Vol. 2," featuring collabs with more stars including J Balvin and Julion Alvarez. The upcoming album is expected to drop early December, but El Divo de Juarez is already in the hunt for new artists to jump on the bandwagon for the third part!

According to El Siglo, this time around, the Mexican icon has his eyes set on international stars. We've already heard rumors of Juanga teaming up with Elton John, but the 65-year-old singer also wants to invite artists such as Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Paul McCartney for "Los Dúo Vol. 3." In fact, El Siglo reports that Juanga's team has been in talks with Bieber's team for a potential collaboration.

Although all of this sounds awesome! We're 100 percent positive of the following:Alejandro Fernández, Luis Miguel, Il Divo, Amanda Miguel, Diego Verdaguer, Angélica María, Enrique Guzmán, Franco de Vita, and the late Joan Sebastian have already recorded songs with the "Querida" singer for his trilogy duet project.

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