After Juan Gabriel died in August 2016, one major revelation shocked the world: "El Divo de Juarez" had a secret son. After being tracked down by "Primer Impacto's" Borja Voces, Luis Alberto Aguilera agreed to sit down with them and talk about his childhood and how Juan Gabriel was as a father to him. After submitting to a DNA test in front of the cameras, it was confirmed Luis Alberto was Juanga's biological son.

Not long after that, truth came out about Luis Alberto's younger brother, Joao Gabriel, who was presumed to be Juan Gabriel's son as well. Now the DNA has spoken and turns out Joao is "El Divo de Juarez's" second secret son. He was born in California in 1992, and the boys' mother used to be a housekeeper at Juan Gabriel's house.

According to Univision, the DNA test was made the same way they did it with his brother Luis Alberto, using a genetic sample of Pablo Aguilera, Juan Gabriel’s brother. "It has never crossed my mind that DNA testing can be negative. I lived with my dad and I have all my memories. I know who my father is,” said the young man at the beginning of his interview with "Primer Impacto," when he still didn't know the result of the test.

Later on the interview, Voces opened an envelop and read the awaited results live: Joao was 99.9 % Juan Gabriel’s child. Right after that, Joao thanked his uncle Pablo for accepting to take the test. During "Primer Impacto’s" exclusive, Joao confessed the final results make him feel much better because now he can have more confidence and feel safer to expose himself in public.

When he was asked about his brother Ivan Aguilera, Joao Gabriel said he does not consider him his brother because “It’s intolerable that the universal successor of Juan Gabriel did not respect the singer's willingness to rest with his mother.”

It seems this is never going to stop between the families. Now we wonder, what is going to happen now? Is Joao ready to prosecute his brother and ask for any goods from "El Divo de Juarez"?