Juanes took his astronaut helmet off and sat down with us to talk about his brand new audiovisual album titled “Mis Planes Son Amarte.”

It’s been three years since we haven’t listened to new music from the Colombian singer who has reached popularity, not just because he experiments with different genres but because there’s simply no other like him, and that’s what makes Juanes so unique.

“Mis Planes Son Amarte” has 12 original songs, all of them with a music video created to tell a story about a man who seeks love and redemption, in space. This time he has recurred to sing about not giving up on love in 37 minutes of liquid Pop beautifully created and sweet-sounding.

From ballad “Perro Viejo,” to well-tuned catchy album self-titled song “Mis Planes Son Amarte,”  Juanes new material is a piece of art that deserves to be listened to. We are sure it will steal a lot of honors this year thanks to its splendid production and unique concept in the Latin market.

But Juanes hasn't forgotten his syncopated guitar tuneful sounds that perfectly remind us to unforgettable  "A Dios Le Pido" hit with a glimmering touch that's really pleasing to the ear. 

Along with the album, he has also launched "HBO Latino special The Juanes Effect: De Canciones y Transformaciones," a powerful documentary about his life back in Medellín, including his relatives confessions on how Juanes reality influenced his music in a surprising way.

LT: How do you feel after all this big production has concluded?

Juanes: I’m very happy. I’m really pleased to have concluded this audiovisual album, all of the songs, the videos and the Documentary with HBO Latino. It has been quiet a process and I feel very proud of it.

LT: How convenient is to release an audiovisual album at this very moment of your career?

Juanes: I think it’s convenient whatever you like, you know. I’m not looking to make music for “trends,”  I want to create my music and to be liked by my own art. It could or could not have benefits because these days people do not like to seat and listen to a long repertoire altogether but at the same time an audiovisual album creates a face for every song and people listen to music on their phones or tablets so it could have a lot of settlements, even though to me there’s another reason. I want to fight the album’s idea, the concept and the story. I want to give importance and dignity to the whole piece of art.

LT: Is there any similar type of audiovisual compilation you like and could relate to this album?

Juanes: “The Wall” by Pink Floyd back in the 70’s was really important to me in that time. I liked “Lemonade” by Beyonce and also Frank Ocean’s one was very interesting.

LT: Any favorite song from “Mis Planes Son Amarte”?

Juanes: I think all the songs are related to a feeling. It’s very genuine so it’s very hard to pick one. There are moments I like very much like “Alguna Vez” a duet with Juan Fernando or “Goodbye For Now” my first song in English. But, in general, I loved the whole story performed in the album.

LT: Can you tell us some secret details your fans doesn’t know about the album process?

Juanes: We did 99% of the album in my house in Medellín. I worked with Sky and Moski, two amazing young producers from Medellín. I produced the material and they we co- producers.

LT: On the documentary 'HBO Latino special The Juanes Effect: De Canciones y Transformaciones', your fans can actually see your hometown streets and old time friends, how special was for you to show your roots and listening to their opinions on camera?

Juanes: The documentary was an HBO Latino idea, especially because of the release of the album. I liked the idea of doing things that I haven’t done before like going back to my house, in which I haven’t been in years, to hear my mom and school friends talking about me.

LT: On the documentary we can see you worked with very young people to create the album. How was this interesting brainstorm? 

Juanes: I wanted to get some fresh air from young people so they really brought all that to me but I loved working with everybody from my team to all the people who collaborated on the videos on makeup, wardrobe, cameras, they did an amazing job.

LT: Is there any tour scheduled with the new material?

Juanes: It’s our idea. We have to wait a little more for everybody to listen to the songs and get to know them and then we’ll start with the tour plans.