Marjorie de Sousa and Julián Gil have been in the public eye for the better part of this year as their court battle for child support has played out in the media. We thought the drama between these two was almost over as Gil was able to see baby Matías after 6 long months, but things have just taken a nasty turn. The actor took to Twitter to ask for help after he was notified that Marjorie's team latest effort was to send him to jail. The problem is that Gil is alleging that he is not been given the chance to defend himself of whatever he's being accused of.

"Dear friends, I have been informed by my lawyer that district attorney has instructed to exercise criminal action against me, without allowing me to show proof and clear things up of what I am being accused of unjustly by Marjorie de Sousa," he wrote in a statement online. "I ask authorities to act within my legal rights to allow me to show evidence."

The drama between Marjorie de Sousa and Julián Gil started when the latter took the former to court for the right to be able to see his son Matías, since then a legal battle has played publicly. Gil scored a victory, back in August, in the case as his legal representative informed Televisa Espectáculos that he was now able to see his son outside of the courthouse. The "Sueño De Amor" actor will also be able to spend time with his baby at his own home. A request was made to De Sousa and the infant's doctor to notate the time the baby eats and any special care so that Julián is made aware.

Throughout the process Gil has scored victorities, like the one earlier in the year a judge ruled that the actor could see Matias only an hour a week. "All I have asked for is to be able to see him," he told "Dando Candela." "If at this moment they only allow me to see him for an hour, that is what I will do. In all this process what I am fighting for is the rights of my son. I don't think a father should be limited to seeing their child unless they are a delinquent where a father represents a danger to the child, but if they are not a danger, the healthiest thing is to have a normal relationship."

Throughout the drama there has also been reports about a DNA test to prove that Julián is the father of Matías. "[Marjorie] asked for the paternity tests two weeks ago, which was denied by court because it was not petitioned correctly," Julián explained to "Hoy." "That's the same thing I asked for. I am asking for a paternity test and a DNA test but for it to be accepted, judicially you have to say 'annulment of paternity,' or else they would reject it."

Gil continued: "I know it sounds harsh but I am 100% sure that Matías is my son. I am asking for the paternity test to confirm, just like Marjorie, that he's my son. There's no doubt, there never was doubt, nor am I doing this to annul my paternity and take away my last name as they have said. I am doing it just as she did, to confirm the paternity and to tell the world that Matías is my son."