Julián Gil Breaks Silence On Reason For 'Annulment Of Paternity' Petition

Julián Gil
The telenovela heartthrob continues his legal battle with Marjorie de Sousa over visitation rights of their baby. GettyImages

Julián Gil continues his battle with Marjorie de Sousa over the child support payments for their son Matías. The actor is breaking his silence following reports that he had asked to annul his paternity and therefore have no responsibility with his baby. "[Marjorie] asked for the paternity tests two weeks ago, which was denied by court because it was not petitioned correctly," he told "Hoy." "That's the same thing I asked for. I am asking for a paternity test and a DNA test but for it to be accepted, judicially you have to say 'annulment of paternity,' or else they would reject it."

Gil continued: "I know it sounds harsh but I am 100% sure that Matías is my son. I am asking for the paternity test to confirm, just like Marjorie, that he's my son. There's no doubt, there never was doubt, nor am I doing this to annul my paternity and take away my last name as they have said. I am doing it just as she did, to confirm the paternity and to tell the world that Matías is my son."

Yesterday, Gustavo Adolfo Infante falsely reported that Julián Gil had already gone to the lab and the results confirmed that Matías was not his son. "I will not reveal my source obviously, but there's going to be an annulment because it all appears to indicate, we can't confirm, that Matías is not Julian Gil's son," he said at the end of his show. TVyNovelas reached out to Marjorie's reps who said the following: "How sad that Gustavo Adolfo is not informed, we would have hoped that the test had been done, but it hasn't. That information is completely false because they haven't even done the DNA test. The same day that Marjorie petitioned, they also solicited the test, but today it was made public that Julián is asking for the same, but they are calling it 'unknowing paternity', but the petition was done the same day, because that instance where the suit was done doesn't stand."

Marjorie De Sousa asked for a paternity test, not to prove that Gil is the father because she has no doubt of that, but to make it clear that Julián is the father of Matías. Gil was quick to react to the news on social media writing: "I am surprised by this decision. There will be a time where I'll be able to talk about this with all of you, for now I can assure you that in my hear there's no doubt that Matías is my son and I am willing to do the test when they ask me to."

Gil and De Sousa have been involved in an ugly legal battle over child support. The DNA test comes on the heels of the former's lawyers asking the judge to lower the percentage Gil has to pay out from 20% to 4%. Recently, Marjorie's team slammed Julián for not paying his part.  "Since March he has not given absolutely anything," she said in an "Hoy" interview. Since [the baby] was born he has only given 16,000 Mexican pesos [$900 dollars], six diaper packages, two cans of milk, two bottles of water, that's all he's given the baby. Starting in April he has not given anything."

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