One of the older brothers of Julio César Chávez was murdered the night of Sunday, June 25, after having resisted an assault where he resides. According to ESPN Deportes, Rafael Chávez was at his home in the Pemex colony in Culiacan, Sinaloa, when the malefactors assaulted him and took his life.

Daniel Gaxiola, spokesman for the Sinaloa state prosecutor's office, confirmed the killing, but did not offer additional details.

"This is incredible, they just assaulted my uncle 'Borrego,' and because he didn’t want to give them the money, they killed him. It is incredible how people can take the life of someone who has children, a mother and a wife, without knowing the pain and damage they will cause, so easy, I can’t believe it" wrote Omar Chávez in his Instagram account.

In addition to Julio César Chávez, the late Rafael Chávez was also part of the Chávez boxing dynasty; including his other brother Rodolfo Chávez, and his nephews Julio Cesar Jr. and Omar Chávez.

Rafael was 53 years old, and according to El Universal's report, four assailants committed the crime.