Julión Álvarez is starting to get the consequences from being linked to the drug trafficking scandal as he just lost out being a coach on "La Voz Kids." Televisa had already started production of the reality show and had finished the first phase of the competition, the blind auditions. Since the news broke Álvarez' name was involved in the money laundering scheme, the production was halted and everything that was done before will now be scrapped. A whole new set of auditions will take place and producers said that the premiere date, slated for 2018, will not be pushed back.

"Production decided to cancel tapings that had only covered the first phase of the show, the auditions," the statement from "La Voz Kids" reads. "To the girls and boys that participated in the canceled show, we can confirm that 'La Voz Kids' has decided to start a new cycle of production. The main interest of this production is to invite all of them to participate in the tapings that will start with new auditions. We recognize Julión Álvarez for his artistic career and professionalism and we hope that his legal situation is resolved shortly. The new season of 'La Voz Kids' will premiere as it was contemplated in 2018."

When the scandal erupted, Álvarez was quick to deny his alleged ties with what the U.S. Treasury states. "I need to seek advise to see where this is coming from," he said during a Facebook Live in his ranch. "I am a countryman that knows how to do his things ... it has cost me a lot - the little or a lot of things that I have. I don't have the need to do the things that I am being accused of. You guys know who I am, I also have a lot of friends that know me, but this is part of [the industry]."

Álvarez went on to explain: "On the day they tell me to present myself, I will be there. Rafa Márquez is one of the best soccer players and he has been playing soccer for many years, he doesn't need to be involved in this. Maybe we could team up or do it independently. I only think has something to do with envy, jealousy and success, everything that they are saying has an explanation. Let's pray and believe me that I am alright, don't worry about me."

The following day, Julión admitted to knowing Raúl Flores, but not as a drug lord. "I know him, I didn't know he was a drug trafficker," he said according to El Universal. Álvarez also revealed that neither Mexican or American authorities have contacted him and he's unaware if his bank accounts have been frozen. He also said: "I am a dignified person with a lot of values... I like to walk on the right path, unless my twist my ankle and I walk funny."