The "biggest and most diverse" site containing fossils from the Jurassic era has been discovered in Argentina.“No other place in the world contains the same amount and diversity of Jurassic fossils,” geologist Juan García Massini of the Regional Center for Scientific Research and Technology Transfer told Discovery News. “You can see how fungi, cyanobacteria and worms moved when they were alive.”

Paleontologists have announced the potential dinosaur graveyard stretches across 23,000 square miles in Patagonia adding that the discovery has enabled them to reconstruct an entire ecosystem that has remained frozen for around 140 to 160 million years. "We are now actively preparing the samples to get to know all that it is preserved to describe it,” García Massini shared with MailOnline. “'We are also exploring this region in Patagonia trying to understand different aspects of the structure of the landscape and their relationship with fossil preservation.”" Check out the impressive images in the video below