“The Skinny” and “Empire,” are some of the titles starred by the funny and gifted actor Jussie Smollett. Now, the handsome man takes on “Alien: Covenant,” the newest film from the sci-fi/horror franchise directed by Ridley Scott.

Jussie plays Ricks, one of the scientists inside the colony ship bound to a remote planet where they are attacked by aliens. Ricks is aboard with his wife, being the youngest couple on the ship. Jamal, as we all know him from "Empire", sat down with us to talk about his experience on the first sci-fi movie he has been part of and we really enjoyed his confessions about the funny moments lived during the shooting and how important has been this title for his career.

The 34-year-old Californian actor also has new projects in the pipeline expected to come out this year and even though he did not confirm a new "Alien" movie sequel, he didn’t deny a new installment from the franchise is in the works. 

LT: This is the first time you work in this type of movie, how was the experience?

JS: It was a great experience. It was overwhelming but it was wonderful. I remember being 8 years old, I used to watch two movies when my parents were out, I shouldn’t have watched those movies but I used to watch “Boyz n The Hood” and “Alien.” We loved those movies and to be part of the franchise is pretty special. Right now, I am kind of like number one on my younger brothers' list.

LT: What other science fiction or scary movies did you like the most in the past?

JS: I grew up in a time when everybody was obsessed with all the sci-fi comedy like “Independence Day” or “Men In Black;” that’s my idea of sci-fi but “Alien” it’s a whole different thing because it’s like a quarter of horror too. That movie is freaky.

LT: Did you relate your character to any other one from “Alien’s” past movies?

JS: Once I got the movie I didn’t want to watch the old movies. We knew from the beginning that it was going to be really different and so I didn’t want to be influenced.

LT: Was there any part of the movie shooting where you were really scared?

JS: Yeah! Ridley Scott, our director, he is so phenomenal because he is aware of the most outstanding technology that is surround and all the effects that we have in cinema but he also wanted to give the movie a certain level of realness. He had this seven feet guy inside an alien costume and literally that was our alien. It was not fake, that was real. So, honestly to see this dude walking around and breathing hard on that costume, that was a little freaky.

LT: Is there any chance we could see you on a new version of alien in the future?

JS: Umm, my friend, you are looking for spoilers... only time will tell.

LT: Tell us about your new movie "Marshall" that’s set to premiere in October this year?

JS: Yeah that’s going to be amazing. It’ll have an amazing cast like Chadwick Boseman and Kate Hudson. One day, Reginald Hudlin (Director) came to me and asked me 'I want you to do a cameo on my next movie' and I was like 'are you kidding me?', of course I want.  It’s funny because that’s like the smallest role that I have ever done but it’s one of the things that I am the most excited about.

LT: Do you have any new projects in music any time soon?

JS: I have been recording my album but I'm taking my time. Time is a good thing and it’s okay to take time. I’ve been doing the movie and "Empire", so I want to do things in the right way and not any other way. 

LT: What else can we expect to happen on "Empire" season 3 finale?

JS: What’s amazing about this time is that we’re finally having another family we have to battle. So. now that we have a family to battle it’s like if we have to look at ourselves and join forces as the family that we are. You’ll watch a very impressive moment in the end. That is not going to be too friendly.