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Amanda Waller has been a key figure in DC comics, particularly in the “Justice League” and the “Suicide Squad.” But in the comics, “War for Earth-3,” it appears that the “Big Bad of DC Comics” has outdone herself by former her own “Justice League” led by a clone of Superboy and the evil Superwoman from Earth-3 as well.

Waller has been known to resort to various means to protect the earth. However, that includes going to the extreme by looking for strong superheroes who have somehow been directed in the wrong way. It appears that this is the case again after War for Earth-3.

This was seen in the final pages of the issue, ending with Waller masking Earth-3 from the rest of the multiverse and presenting Match with his own Superman costume.

Together with love interest Nocturna, both align themselves with Waller – an opportunity for both to show that they are more than just clones.

It should be noted that Match’s costume is clad in black with the symbolic “S” backward. It appears this is tied to the fact that Match tends to turn into Bizarro.

Aside from Match and Nocturna, other members of Waller’s Justice League include Superwoman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick, Earth-3 version Black Canary aka Black Siren and Etrigan the Brainiac 666.

The reveal picks up from the easter eggs planted in “Future State: Suicide Squad” which was released in January as part of DC’s Future State initiative.

Back then, Waller grew tired of the chaos on earth and relocated her Suicide Squad to Earth-3 and dominate it, CBR reported.

The War for Earth-3 came to a close as the Crime Syndicate, Teen Titans, the Flash, and Suicide Squad all battle in one final conflict that decides who lives, who dies, who makes it back home, and who's left stranded on Earth-3.

With the Justice Squad's plan to take over the alternate Earth and claim it as their own, the heroes of the Teen Titans and conscripted members of Rick Flag's Suicide Squad finally work together but may have waited too long to stop Waller.

A DC comics special anti-violence edition for children in Bosnia to educate them about the dangers of landmines.
A DC comics special anti-violence edition for children in Bosnia to educate them about the dangers of landmines. Getty Images | Viviane Moos/CORBIS/Corbis

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