Kanye West's conversion to Christianity has been nothing short of interesting as the rapper-songwriter has announced several new changes to his lifestyle and music. One being that he will no longer be dropping F-bombs or use expletive language in his songs. He's also mentioned that his wife's sexiness is painful for his soul, and now he's been recorded saying the social media makes men "suffer like Jesus" because they expose married men to vulgar content of women.

In an interview with Beats 1 on Apple Music, the 42-year-old rapper said social media apps are like "modern-day cigarettes". Why? Because "social media prompts women, in particular, to put out content that they wouldn't have put out..."

Kanye West also confessed to having a sex addiction, something he is dealing with at the moment. His addiction with porn was triggered at the age of five when he came across a Playboy magazine, which "affected almost every choice I made for the rest of my life".

"When I was younger and I wanted to see something like that I had to pay someone that was older to go to 7/11 and buy it," Kanye shared. "I suffer - and I appreciate the suffering because we can just feel a little bit of what Jesus felt when we suffer, but social media makes me suffer. I suffer from that and by me saying this out loud, I'm sure there are other married men that suffer in a similar way that are happy to hear me say, 'Oh ya, I'm suffering."' 

It looks like Kanye is also busy spreading his latest religious fervour to his employees and his wife, Kim Kardashian as well. He's has allegedly asked employees who worked on his album "Jesus Is King" to not engage in premarital sex until the album was released.

During his interview with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, West had openly declared his devotion to Christianity and how it is his job "to spread the gospel, to let people know what Jesus has done for me".