Karla Alvarez' death has shocked the entire Latin entertainment industry. Since the actress' death, however, details of her last months alive have emerged. Court papers have surfaced which suggest Alvarez was taking legal action against Antonio D'Agostino, the man who claimed to be her husband immediately following her death. According to The Guardian, "Alvarez was suing Antonio D'Agostino Marolla for possible proprietary materials that she did not give him permission to possess or release."

Antonio D'Agostino claimed to be Karla Alvarez' husband and that they had been married since February. The actress' father, Carlos Alvarez, called him a "charalatan" and denied the claims, however, Karla's friend Felipe Nájara confirmed that the two had been romantically involved though not married. However, court documents have revealed that Ms.  Karla Mercedes Álvarez Báez was suing Antonio D´Agostino Marolla - the case began on the 19th of March this year and concluded on the 15th of October, exactly one month before Alvarez' untimely death. 

This new evidence shrouds yet another cloud of mystery on the actress' tragic death. Reports indicate that D'Agostino's claim of marriage might have some truth to it, although it seems that the couple began divorce proceedings not long after. Regionado furthermore suggests that the relationship was abusive and hints at the fact that Karla Alavarez' death may not have been as accidental as first thought. However, there is as yet no evidence to suggest foul play.