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Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez reportedly threatened Lionel Messi for allegedly disrespecting Mexico after Argentina's win against Mexico on Saturday, Nov. 26.

After losing to Saudi Arabia in their opening match at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Argentina won their match over Mexico in Group C on Saturday, Nov. 26 with a score of 2-0. However, the Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez was not pleased with how superstar Lionel Messi celebrated Argentina's win over Mexico, Yahoo News reported.

After the win, the Argentina players’ post-match celebrations in the locker room lasted over two hours.

Video of celebrations in Argentina's locker room was posted on social media by defender Nicolas Otamendi. The celebration video shows a number of Argentinian players singing and celebrating in the locker room after the win. In the video, at around 45 seconds, Messi appears to kick a Mexico jersey while taking off his cleats.

Many observers suggested that the action was not intentional and that Messi was seemingly trying to remove his boot at the time.

Alvarez, 32, is a multiple-weight world champion and is seen by many as boxing’s pound-for-pound No 1 fighter. After seeing the video, Alvarez took to Twitter on Sunday and wrote some harsh words against Lionel Messi, FOX 4 News reported.

"I saw Messi cleaning the floor with our jersey and flag?" the 32-year-old boxer tweeted in Spanish.

"He should ask God that I don't find him," he tweeted.

However, seeing his tweets, people online responded to the four-time world championship boxer, with many saying he misinterpreted the situation.

"Since the MEXICO shirt is on the ground, it's already an insult. Stop bulls****ing about what was or wasn't," Alvarez tweeted late Sunday night in Spanish.

Messi scored his 8th career World Cup goal in a win over Mexico. He has not publicly responded to the accusations from Mexican fans.

Mexico drew 0-0 with Poland in their World Cup opening match. After their draw, their subsequent loss to Argentina damaged their hopes of reaching the knockout stages. Mexico needs to win its next game against Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, Nov. 30, and get help from either Poland or Argentina to advance to the knockout stage.

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