Kate del Castillo, Adal Ramones
Kate del Castillo and Adal Ramones said that they wish Latino actors and directors in Hollywood could be more united. Getty Images

Mexican actress Kate del Castillo and countryman comedian Adal Ramones were present at the Festival Hola México in Los Angeles, California, where they talked to the media about Latinos in Hollywood. Both colleagues agreed that it's about time for an Association of Latinos in Hollywood. "It would be great to consolidate that organization here [in the U.S.]," they said, according to Terra.

Del Castillo and Ramones, who are part of the animated film 'El Americano,' said it'd be a great advantage for Latino actors and directors to form an association in the United States. "What we need to do is unite. We Mexicans lack that, African Americans unite more," Del Castillo said.

The "Reina del Sur" star, who's been living in the U.S. for over a decade, has been a witness of the increasing numbers of Latino actors, directors, photographers and other professionales in Hollywood.

"It's importhant that we support each other, because when one of us does well, it'll go great for all of us!," she said. "I see a promising future and of great opportunity not only for Mexican film, but for Latinos in general," she added.

Ramones said that in the past Latinos in Hollywood were known for actors such as Andy García, Salma Hayek or Antonio Banderas, but now a lot more Latinos have received great acceptance in the U.S. "We have to take advantage," he said. "For many years the Latino has been present and now we see more Mexicans," he said about the great success of Mexicans and Latino talents in the U.S.

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