Kate del Castillo is now denying she talked about a prostitution ring at Televisa after she hinted at such on her Netflix documentary, "The Day I Met El Chapo." In the series she said: "In the dinners with the publicists you were basically a selected if they invited you to the meetings because literally those gatherings were where they offered the actresses to publicists that are the people that put money in Televisa."

In a new interview she's peddling backawards on those words and explaining what she meant. "I never talked about a catalogue, I only talked about the dinners with the publicists that were the ones I was invited to," she said in an interview. "When I found out what they were, that they were basically to sit and entertain the publicists I said 'no because I work in this network as an actress, that's not my job, but if they invite me to a dinner, I'll go with my boyfriend.' I had a boyfriend at the time, that they knew about. I was offended by the proposal and when I found out what it was really about I felt even more offended, I thought it was deplorable."

Kate del Castillo also added: "That was in my time, I don't know if they still have those dinners and I am not saying that they're all like that, but in my time there they were, because I am sure things like that happened in the other networks like Azteca, Univision and Telemundo."

Carmen Salinas recently slammed the actress for talking about the topic. "Your dad is working there my dear, you can't talk about the place your father works as he is a great actor and a grat man," she told reporters on "Suelta La Sopa". "It's not possible that you badmouth the company that gave us and has given us to eat and work."

Carmen Salinas added her take on what those publicists meetings were like. "The sponsors went with their children and they would take pictures with us," she said. "The producers of the shows would go with the publicists. It was a meeting where we all went, who knows what network she worked at, I don't know, but she shouldn't even talking. Even though I don't have a contract with Televisa anymore, it's the place that gave me food for more than 60 years. I am not an ungrateful person and I will not badmouth the Azcárraga's because all the actresses that sold their telenovelas, received a lot of money, like Thalía, Verónica Castro, they wanted all of them to be well, to the kid actors, Colunga, William Levy, they gave them all houses because they sold well."

Dulce María also talked about the infamous catalogue but has since then denied she ever assured anything. "I started since the age of 5, but my mom was always with me all the time until I turned 18," she told People initially. "Those things happen unfortunately, in this industry and many other places. It has to do with what you allow to happen as well, but it happens all over the world and it's sad that these things happen, but it depends on you, that you accept it or not and because I never allow it and I take the long road, but on a road with integrity."