Actress Kate del Castillo once again took to social media to express her opinion about the presumed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. The letter she wrote, both in Spanish and English, was titled “President or Clown?”

The actress wrote in disbelief that the “reality TV personality” has already come this far. “At the beginning of this crazy political campaign, I thought one of the Republican or Democrat candidates had hired him to score some easy points off him, as nothing more than a fun and ridiculous distraction. But he’s already gone too far,” she wrote.

Del Castillo also cannot believe how we are travelling back in time while allowing a politician to speak like this. “How is it possible that we have a presidential candidate with Hitler-esque beliefs, a warmonger who even not in office as President of the USA, has already done so much damage?” she asked.

“Today more than ever we must stay united, we must educate ourselves, listen to each other, hold each other, value each other, and communicate free of judgment. We must accept without prejudice, with wisdom, tolerance and above all, with unconditional love,” the actress continued.

Read the full letter here.

Del Castillo has been known to be very open about her opinions. In fact, in 2012, the actress caused controversy for being too raw and honest on social media regarding religion, sexuality, politics and organized crime leaders. The Mexican beauty who is since not afraid to make her thoughts public, addressed Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán in one of her tweets and encouraged him to do good things instead of trafficking, and said she believed in his well mending more than the government’s.

This tweet or statement began the relationship between the actress and the drug lord which lead to a secret meeting along with Sean Penn, which the authorities had lead to Guzmán’s third arrest.

Del Castillo remains under investigation for her dubious relationship with the kingpin and refuses to go back to Mexico for fear of unfair treatment from the authorities.