The Kate Del Castillo and Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán scandal continues as sources reveal the Mexican actress is required to testify before Mexican authorities, after her secret meeting with the drug lord and Hollywood actor Sean Penn was exposed by Rolling Stone magazine.

Del Castillo’s good friend and respected Mexican journalist, Lydia Cacho, approached the media this week to disclose parts of the conversation she had with the 43-year-old telenovela star just last week, “I talked to her a week ago. She is clearly very scared, she doesn’t understand why the Mexican Government is attacking her this way,” Cacho told TVyNovelas.

Last week, several Mexican publications addressed the Mexican Government vs. Kate Del Castillo subject. According to reports, Governmental Institutions and Authorities feared links between narcotraffic and politics could be exposed by Del Castillo, Penn and Guzmán.

Cacho elaborates on the subject and confesses that her good friend was indeed threatened by the authorities, “Kate received a threat, delivered to her by an actor friend, from the Secretary of the Interior, saying that there was not going to be a movie and to stay away from the subject. They told her to not get involved.”

According to the magazine, Del Castillo was spotted at Mexico City’s International Airport earlier this week to move forward with the case. Even though she could’ve done things from the Mexican Embassy in California, her lawyers advised her to fly home to speed the process.

“In my opinion, it is pretty clear there was betrayal. I think there is some sexism and racism in the equation on Sean’s behalf, what I’m trying to say is, he used her, and left her alone as soon as the began the investigation,” Cacho concluded.