Despite her controversial 2016, after information of her meeting with Mexico's most-wanted druglord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán was made public, Mexican actress Kate del Castillo is back to work on television and this time with a mini series production by her father Eric del Castillo, called "Las Batallas de Celaya."

This project, Based on the Mexican revolution, will be broadcast by Cine Mexicano Television channel and narrates the final moments of the Mexican civil war, where two great armies (the Constitutionalist Army by Venustiano Carranza and the Northern Division by Pancho Villa) fought to agree on their political differences.

"Las Batallas de Celaya" takes us to the times when brave people fought really hard looking for freedom and trying to conquer their own territories against another troups. It’s a courageous story that well describes the Latin community's struggle back in the day, especially during the Mexican wars.

"The Mexican revolution was an event of great importance throughout Latin America, its protagonists have become emblematic figures around the world, so I am sure that this miniseries will be a great success," said Jesus Piñango, Director of Strategic Content at Cine Mexicano.

We'll always remember the amazing roles Kate del Castillo has played beautifully in some of the most popular Mexican Telenovelas. We hope this new historic script really fits her well. Good Luck!  

Here’s a trailer of the mini- series: