Kate del Castillo is having a pretty busy year. The Mexican actress is promoting ‘The 33’ movie about the Chilean miners, starring Antonio Banderas, and recently announced she will be starring in the upcoming Netflix original series, “La Ingobernable,” as Mexico’s First Lady. In addition, Del Castillo just announced she will be venturing into a new business venture to launch her own brand of tequila. “For the first time, I’m starting a business with something that I’m as passionate about, as I am about acting; because first and foremost, I am Mexican,” said the actress.

Del Castillo made the emotional announcement with a video on her official YouTube channel, and assured all Hispanics that she’s doing this for herself, her family and for all the Latinos that live in the U.S. “I’m launching a tequila that will speak to us; to all of us here, on the other side, accomplishing important things,” she explained. “This is an enormous dream for me… and the most important thing about is that I share this passion with my family; especially my dad; he’s my hero,” Kate said about her famous Dad, Eric del Castillo.

The actress said she will soon reveal the name of the brand and will be toasting with her fans, while enjoying the traditional drink, which is being made by a team of experts she joined forces with.